Horse Training That Works DVD

Horse Training That Works DVD

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On this DVD you'll follow me as I conduct clinics across the United States helping horse owners of all levels to solve problems, improve their horsemanship, become leaders, and build lasting partnerships. What makes this DVD different? You're in the arena with me watching LIVE over my shoulder as I help horse owners work with everyday un-trained horses. It doesn't always go according to plan either. So you also get to see what happens when the horse doesn't do what's expected and how to adjust your approach to make it work. You'll witness night to day changes in mere minutes as people finally get the results they've always wanted when I show them how to communicate clearer so their horse can understand. Some are so happy that they even leave the clinic crying of happiness. I got really tired of watching horse training videos that never showed ordinary people having success. It always seemed like the "trainer" was the one having all the success on the back of the well-bred, expensive horse. So that's why I made this DVD.

On this DVD you'll discover...

  • How to communicate clearly and effectively by giving your horse a reason to respond.
  • ​​What leadership means to a horse, and how to become the ultimate leader he willingly follows and wants to be with.
  • ​How good leadership and communication can be used both on the ground and in the saddle to get your horse to do anything you want.
  • What causes a horse to get confused and how to adjust your approach with proper timing to help him understand.
  • ​​​Why a lack of leadership is the #1 cause for horse problems and how you can fix them all simultaneously.
  • ​​And much, much more