DIY Horse Training DVD

DIY Horse Training DVD

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How many times have you watched a horse training video, try it on your horse, and your horse behaves totally different from the horse in the video? In fact, it seems like your poor horse is only getting more confused.
 He's trying so hard to do what you want, but he's just not getting it And you're at a loss. You're Not Trying To Be A Champion Horse Trainer. Believe me, I get it. You're just trying to enjoy time spent with your horse and build your relationship stronger. And have confidence in knowing that the work you're putting into your horse is not a waste of time. What if you could start working with your horse using one method, and if that didn't work, you immediately knew what to do to "fill in the gaps"? The second your horse stopped responding the way you wanted him to, you had another approach to get him back on track. Because you understand something that not many people do. You Understood The "Why". You understood the simple reason behind what you're doing and how your horse is responding to it. This is also known as horsemanship. Being able to identify the problem and create a solution that works. And sadly, most trainers don't teach you the WHY, they only teach the HOW. Leaving you at the mercy of someone else's method for you and your horse.

On This DVD You'll Discover...

  • The one-time cure for any herd bound horse that makes him want to be with YOU instead of other horses.
  • ​​The trailer loading method that works every time and gets your horse loaded in less than 5 minutes.
  • ​How to create a laser focused horse who is dedicated solely on you instead of what's going on around him.
  • Slowing down energetic horses and the one rein management trick that teaches your horse that faster isn't always better.
  • ​​How to develop confidence inside of yourself and your horse at the same time so you both eliminate uncertainty and fear.
  • ​​​The pressure and release technique that stops head tossing in its tracks and will make it disappear forever.
  • ​​How to get respect from dangerous and inattentive horses and teach them that to trust you as the herd leader.